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Yoga & Art Classes with Alpacas
in Nature

Saturday May 18 - Yoga

Saturday May 25 - Mandalas

Saturday June 8 - Botanical Plaster Cast
Yoga Retreat in Nature.png

Yoga with alpacas: a unique relaxation experience

Looking for a unique way to relax and de-stress? Look no further than alpaca yoga! At our farm The Heart of the Willow, we offer a unique relaxation experience by combining the calming benefits of yoga with the gentle presence of our friendly alpacas.

Our alpaca yoga classes are led by experienced yoga instructors who will guide you through a relaxing practice in the serene setting of our farm. You will be surrounded by the calming energy of our alpacas, known for their calm and curious nature.


You'll enjoy the physical benefits of yoga, such as improving your flexibility and reducing stress, while having the opportunity to interact with our alpacas! Many participants find that the presence of our alpacas adds a unique and cheerful element to the experience.

Our yoga classes with alpacas are suitable for all levels; from beginners to experienced yogis. We provide yoga mats and other materials to promote your comfort. All you need to bring is your beautiful energy and your willingness to relax and unwind. No experience is necessary to practice this activity! Our alpacas don't care if you're limber or not - everyone is welcome!


In addition to alpaca yoga classes, we offer a variety of other immersive experiences and educational tours to discover the wonderful animals that are alpacas. Our activities are aimed at everyone.


Come visit our farm and enjoy a unique relaxation experience thanks to our yoga classes with alpacas. Following your visit, you will leave revitalized with a new perspective and appreciation of these extraordinary animals.

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